Una Voce Rochester

Una Voce Rochester is a chapter of Una Voce America.
This organization supports the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass in the diocese of Rochester, NY.

See announcement below about plans for the Rochester Latin Mass community moving to St. Thomas Apostle.

The Traditional Latin Mass is offered (beginning November 30, 2014) at :

St. Thomas the Apostle Church
4536 St Paul Blvd
Rochester, New York

every Sunday 11:15 p.m.

Celebrants:  Fr. Dennis Bonsignore, Fr. William Lawrence, FSSP, Fr. Peter Mottola, Fr. Peter Van Lieshout

More information can be found here:

The Tridentine Latin Mass is no longer offered each month at St. Bridget’s parish in Bloomfield, NY.

The Latin Mass in Ontario County, NY site has details.

Tridentine Masses are offered occasionally in Corning, NY also.  See this site for details and updates:


FSSP Statistics 2015

Interestingly – the average age of FSSP priests is 37.


Members today

• Total: 421 (incl. 257 incardinated)

• Priests: 262
• 243 incardinated
• 11 incorporated ad annum
• 4 associated
• 4 postulants
• Deacons: 14
• Non-deacons seminarians (including postulants): 145
• Average age of members: 37 years
• Deceased members: 8

Cdl. Burke: We Must Catechize by Means of the Extraordinary Form

As man prays, whether he does so well or not well, so does he believe, well or not well, and so does he behave, well or not well. The sacred liturgy is absolutely the first act of the New Evangelization. Unless we worship God in spirit and in truth, unless we celebrate the liturgy with the greatest faith possible, especially in the divine action taking place during the Mass, we cannot receive the necessary inspiration and grace to take part in evangelization. The holy liturgy contains a summary of the form of evangelization to the extent that it is a direct encounter with the mystery of faith that we must bring to those souls God leads us to. In itself, the liturgy can also lead to the knowledge of the mysteries of faith. Now, if the liturgy is celebrated in an anthropocentric manner, if it is merely a social activity, it will have no lasting impact on spiritual life. One of the means of bringing men to the faith is to restore the dignity of the liturgy. A reverently celebrated Mass has always attracted men to the mystery of the Redemption. That is why I believe that celebrating the Mass in the extraordinary form can play a very important role in the New Evangelization because of the emphasis it puts on the transcendence of the holy liturgy. It underscores the reality of the union of heaven and earth that is expressed in the holy liturgy. In the extraordinary form Christ’s action is quite evident through the sacramental signs and through the priests who are His instruments. Furthermore, it also helps us to be more respectful in the celebration of the ordinary form. Everyone sees the need for this evangelization in a world that lives today as though God did not exist. It is important to connect this New Evangelization with the best possible celebration of the liturgy. I’ve met many atheists or non-Christians and I have seen them feel that they were witnessing God’s work as they discovered the Mass in the extraordinary form. Later on this experience allowed them to receive religious instruction. People have to understand that the priest is acting in the person of Christ. They have to understand that it is Christ Himself who comes down onto the altar to renew the sacrifice of the Cross. They have to understand that they must unite their own hearts with His pierced Heart for them to be purified and to increase in them the love of God and of neighbor. We therefore have to catechize men in the profound realities of the Mass, particularly by means of the extraordinary form of the Roman rite.

A fuller excerpt from this interview can be found here: http://www.paixliturgique.org.uk/aff_lettre.asp?LET_N_ID=2342

Cancelled: Traditional Latin Mass, Feast of St. Jude, Oct 28, Leroy NY

Fr. Freeman emailed to say that the Traditional Latin Mass originally scheduled for the feast of St. Jude,  October 28th at 7:00 pm at Our Lady of Mercy Parish has been cancelled due to lack of needed assistants (MC and servers).  The Mass will be offered in the Ordinary Form, in Latin.
Our Lady of Mercy is located on 44 Lake Street in LeRoy, New York.  For more information, please contact the parish office at (585)768-6543.

Catholic Woodcuts and Engravings


Sung Tridentine Latin Mass in Corning, September 13 2015

Fr. Peter Van Lieshout will offer a Latin Mass (Missa Cantata) at 4 pm, Sunday, September 13th at St. Vincent’s Church, 222 Dodge Avenue, Corning.  This Mass fulfills Sunday obligation and is offered as part of “Days of Reparation and Prayer” devotions to Our Lady of Guadalupe (along with the visit of the Missionary Image of Our Lady).

Latin Mass Society of Corning


The Art of Creating Beautiful, Biblically Based Churches

The Art of Creating Beautiful, Biblically Based
Churches That Are Not Ugly



Extraordinary Faith TV Series


This is a remarkable (extraordinary!) television series featuring the beauty of the Catholic faith as expressed through the Latin Mass.  This work was developed and produced by a highly skilled team in Los Angeles – most with Hollywood credits and experience.  The visual imagery is stunning and the storyline is faithful and informative.   Una Voce Los Angeles president, George Sarah played a role in the series as well.  The entire series was broadcast on EWTN earlier this year.